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Patient Handbook

Download a digital version of the Patient Handbook (you received a print copy in your Core Restore® box) for easy reference recipes and ingredient lists.


Prior to starting the Core Restore® program, complete the Toxic Burden Questionnaire. After reviewing your results, your health care practitioner will help you determine your potential toxic burden.


Download a newsletter with more information on how the biotransformation process works and the nutrients that optimize it.


Check out chef-inspired recipes to try during the Core Restore® program.
Decrease the Total Burden of Toxins
Improve Liver Detoxication and Elimination Pathways
Boost Mitochondrial Function and Recharge Cellular Energy Production
Core Restore® is a comprehensive program that removes toxins, enhances digestion, improves nutrient absorption and boosts energy levels—helping you feel renewed and energized.


Optimize your body’s natural cleansing process


Support all phases of liver detoxification


Includes everything you need for the complete protocol, plus a step-by-step Patient Handbook

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